Big flavor. Big satisfaction. Small batch processing.

Tired of mystery meat at the grocery store?  Do you crave beef with exceptional taste and quality? Look no further than small batch Texas Longhorn beef producers!

Here's why small batch beef is a cut above:

Small batch beef isn't just a meal, it's an experience.  Taste the difference for yourself. Find a small batch processor near you and discover what "real beef"  truly tastes like!

RLG Longhorns is a small batch producer of Texas Longhorn Beef

We do not keep a large herd, we keep it small, this enables us to be very specific about the procedures we use to raise our steers for beef. 

Please see below the menu of individual cuts that I currently have available.  (Sorry I do not ship beef at this time)

Although I normally sell individual cuts, I can provide you with a whole or half steer, please reach out to me and we can discuss the specifics of that program and be aware that I do not choose just any steer to raise and process, it must meet my requirements, some of the items I take into consideration are

Is the owner a Registered Texas Longhorn Breeder? 

What is the health history of the steer?

Due to these requirements, there will be a lead time on any whole or half steer.

Thank you for interest in my Texas Longhorn Beef, please reach out to me at anytime